Monday, 4 March 2013

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Howdy all,

Sarah recently posted a blog where deep in the text was a subtle mention of a desire for a second child. That’s two… 2… deux… dos… 100% extra… 2.4 family.

This strikes fear into my heart and tension in my neither-regions. It’s not that Hunter isn’t ace and one more like him wouldn't fill our house with more fun and smiling goons - it’s finding the time to look after 2 independents.

Although Sarah does the bulk of the child care there are those times like this weekend I have to work and she is left for 12 days on the trot entertaining and caring for the boy leaving her, thus me slightly frazzled and stressed. She really does appreciate me home at the weekends to give her some relief and time to do her own thing. 2 kids under two, I hear, is no mean feat!

 With a second child it’s not only twice as much effort but those hours Sarah gets to relax during Hunters naps won’t exist! I’m confident a new addition wouldn’t have exactly the same sleeping pattern as H.
There is of course also the sleep deprivation which I’m positive all parents with more than one kid forget. It must have been evolution that granted us with this unique and ridiculous breeding amnesia. Sarah seems to have forgotten that a baby sleeps little. What if this in turn keeps Hunter up at night? That’s 4 humans turned to zombies.

Then there’s the financial aspect. Sarah and other slightly deluded folks might suggest a 2nd baby costs nothing. We have all the cots, pushchairs, car seats, toys, bottles etc. and Sarah will yet again try to breast feed so there will be no addition to our food bill. BUT and it’s a massive BUT I’m not thinking about the first 6 months, I’m thinking about schools, universities, cars, more house space. We live in London – it’s not cheap.

I’m saying all this but Sarah is boss I know that I would give up all the money in the world and anything else in exchange for the happiness we’ve had since the little boy entered our lives (See examples below!) and I’m sure a newby would only add to that. So in essence this whole blog seems to have been a pointless exercise – however it was a therapeutic process so thank you for being part of that.

Besides, I’m a second child and if my folks had held back and given into any of my fears yours truly wouldn’t be here to moan at you and you would exist in a world without me, which in my book would have been a catastrophe ;-)

I’m sure we will keep you posted if anything happens in this area. In the meantime any reassurance would be much appreciated.

Speak to you soon,


You Lookin' at Me? - A Bath With Mummy
Twisted Fire Starter - A Bath With Daddy
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  1. I think that you'd do a great job if you had another child in all seriousness Andy so try not to worry too much man. Even if you just leave it for a while longer you'll eventually realise that you're going to do fine but even if Sarah was pregnant again tomorrow I'd still have faith in you mate.

  2. Having 2 myself (now 5 and 2) I can say you are right on all counts! BUT number 2 is easier, or you cope better with all the pitfalls second time around somehow, i'm still not sure which. Yes, even surviving on 2 hours sleep. Plus giving your child a sibling/playmate/friend for life is beyond amazing. But enough of the schmultzy blurb. Remember this... Before long the kids play together. Which means you can bloody well sit down and relax!

  3. I won't scare you with my 'stopped at 2 ended up with 5 story', but in my experience, 2 is easier than 1. They play together and entertain each other.

    How will you and Sarah manage? The way we all do, with extra love in the house. You'll be fine when you take the step. Everything is a leap of faith. So when you are ready, take a deep breath... and leap!

  4. btw... Happy Mothering Sunday Sarah!